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Car Parts

Car Parts

Get The Best Car Parts All Around Wellington

We at Windycity Wreckers provide wide range of high-quality car auto parts/spare parts for trucks, cars and commercial vehicles. You can find a full range of car auto spare parts that are long lasting and survivable. Choosing the best car part for your truck/car/SUV is the best idea as it will keep on increasing the life of your vehicle. If you want the longest rides on your loving vehicle, then you have to keep on maintaining/replacing the old car parts with the new one.

Parts You Can Get At Windycity Wreckers:

Customer Friendly Staff

Our customer friendly and highly experienced professional staff will provide you professional advice regarding the car auto part or any spare part replacement to ensure your safety along with your car’s safety. They will give you advices regarding selecting the right auto parts for your car keeping your budget in mind. Their advice will be effective for you not only choosing the best car part for your vehicle, but also in making up the choice in selecting the right quality.


When it comes to your safety, don’t think twice. We are providing the best quality spare parts to our customers keeping their security at peak. We give you both new and second hand car parts. All our second hand tyres are of highest quality that will make your trip, a happy trip because your safety is our utmost priority.

Choose The Best Car Parts In Wellington With WindyCity Wreckers

The type of car parts that you choose is obviously very important, as they will determine the final life of your car/truck/SUV. You can get the best car parts in entire Wellington with WindyCity Wreckers. You can get all the car parts in each and every model. We have spare parts of all the makes, models and brands of all the car/truck/SUV. If after installation of part in your car/SUV you face any difficulty, you could complain to us either by directly (give us the call/online chatting) or ask us to come to inspect the second hand part and we would try to reach you ASAP!!!


We have all the good quality and affordable spare parts. We deal in both brand new parts and second hand car spare parts.

You should take the second hand parts if you are not able to afford the brand new parts. You will be satisfied to know that we offer all the second hand car parts at the lowest price rates.

We are currently stocking fully guaranteed used spare parts/car parts/second hand parts at the most competitive discounted prices, saving 70% for the customers. Customers are cherished that we are offering the highest discount percentage in entire Wellington.

Yes. We deal in all types of car auto parts right now. We have both brand new and second hand spare parts of all the car models and makes.

No question about that.  With a true love for the community and the environment, we follow all the principles to ensure eco-friendly car disposals.

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