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Car Batteries

We Have The Range Of Batteries Of All Models

We have a full range of batteries and battery accessories from the leading brands to ensure that we have what you need. We want to give you a user friendly and always available service. We at Windycity Wreckers offer free automotive battery system checks, free battery testing. No appointment is required for battery checking to ensure that you must get the same day services. We also offer our free automotive services. We also have batteries of all the brands and their models of cars and trucks. You can find the battery for all the brands and their respective models.

Choose the best car/SUV/4*4 battery

You can come to us anytime, anyday for seeking the advice for your replacing your 4*4 battery. People think that if they could fix puncture tyre wheel, they could possibly fix or install a new battery in their car. But they do not know that they are absolutely wrong, as the battery contain hazardous chemicals like mixtures of strong and weak acids; so, they must be handled and disposed off properly to avoid chemical burns and to reduce the hazardous waste.

Batteries for almost every car and model

We are having a wide range of batteries. You are free to ask about any make-model batteries to get in fit in your car. We have over every battery variety, both new and second hand. All our batteries are thoroughly tested and inspected.

Get the Best Truck Battery around Wellington

Choosing the best battery for your truck is the best idea as it will keep on increasing the life of the truck. If you want the longest rides on, then you have to keep on maintaining/replacing the old batteries with the new one. We at Windycity Wreckers provide wide range of high-quality heavy-duty starter batteries for trucks and commercial vehicles. You can find a full range of heavy duty commercial batteries for trucks, tractors that are long lasting and survivable. Our commercial batteries majorly include heavy batteries for maintaining the heavy duty of the truck.

We have in stock batteries of:

We have light truck batteries (panel truck, pick-up truck), medium truck batteries (Delivery truck), and large truck batteries (garbage truck). Along with this, we have collection of Toyota truck battery, Ford truck battery, Mazda battery, Mazda Scrum batteries, Tata Ace batteries, Mitsubishi Minicab batteries, etc.

Customers don’t have to WORRY!!!

You do not have to approach us for getting your batteries changed. Our team will come at your place and will replace your old batteries with the new one. All the formalities will be completed by our team. If you ever have questions related to your battery, battery discharge, etc then you could approach us online via online chatting/ watsapp or you can call us directly at our registered phone number.


A new car battery has plenty of charge to run the car, but it won’t be a problem to keep the battery on a charger. If you are storing the car battery, charge it every 2 months to keep it running.

We give warranty of almost 3 months on the branded battery. Our customers are taking the batteries from us since very long and they have not faced any problem yet.

There is no as such lifeline for truck batteries. All the batteries that you purchase from us are fully inspected and checked, so you need to be assure of a good lifeline for your battery.

Yes, we also have second hand car batteries. You can rely on those batteries if you need a replacement. They are thoroughly checked and inspected.

We have all the good quality and affordable spare parts. We deal in both brand new parts and second hand car spare parts.

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